22 | 02 | 2017

Kryptozoologie-Umschau 49

Umschau-LogoDas Leben ist kurz, weniger wegen der kurzen Zeit, die es dauert, sondern weil uns von dieser kurzen Zeit fast keine bleibt, es zu genießen.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

In diesem Sinne jammert der Autor diesmal nicht über mangelnde Zeit, sondern präsentiert schlicht ohne weiteren Kommentar die Links:

  • Commonly associated with the Pacific Northwest, Bigfoot has been spotted across the country, and there is a long history of reported sightings in Wisconsin.

  • The team travels to Wisconsin for the first time on the heels of recent bigfoot activity, enlisting help from locals to investigate reports. They take the final night investigation to new heights as they are stalked by bigfoots in the...

  • Who can resist the smell of meats on an open flame? The gang is hoping to entice any nearby Bigfoots with a cookout after receiving tips from a local expert about some secret squatchy hotspots.

  • This weekend is the 1st Annual Nebraska Bigfoot Conference in Hastings, Nebraska

  • It’s one thing to play with the idea that Bigfoot “might” exist, it is a whole other to have not just one, but two of them drag your tent with you in it!

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