18 | 04 | 2015

Kryptozoologie-Umschau 49

Umschau-LogoDas Leben ist kurz, weniger wegen der kurzen Zeit, die es dauert, sondern weil uns von dieser kurzen Zeit fast keine bleibt, es zu genießen.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

In diesem Sinne jammert der Autor diesmal nicht über mangelnde Zeit, sondern präsentiert schlicht ohne weiteren Kommentar die Links:

  • This is a HopsSquatch you will not want to miss. Larry Lund doesn't travel the Bigfooot circuit as much as he used to. His last public event was possibly three years ago at the annual Skamania County Bigfoot Bash. It...

  • Les ventures into the most remote and dangerous grizzly bear territory of the Canadian Rockies in his search for Sasquatch. In this vast and unexplored forest, anything could be there. Can Les capture definitive proof of Bigfoot?

  • Belief connotes a position of faith -- an acceptance in the absence of evidence.

  • Rev. Jeff and the rest of the Bluff Creek Project members hang out and talk about all the happenings in Bluff Creek as well as the rare animals they've captured on trail cam and just whats going on up there...

  • Tonight, Thursday, April 16th-5pm PST/8pm EST Chester Moore Jr. is an award-winning author/conservationist. He is a widely recognized and respected wildlife journalist, lecturer, and field researcher. A lifelong outdoorsman and naturalist, Moore has launched several zoological expeditions, ranging from the wilds...

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